Friday, July 09, 2004

Just goes to prove that large corporations need to be even more responsible.

Large corporations and institutions (ie, governments) are constantly being scrutinized. Nothing they do will ever get passed the media watchdogs or employees. Technology has empowered employees in a way never seen before. Employees of any rank can now keep their employers in check. Remember when the Microsoft employee photographed the G5's being unloaded at Microsoft's headquarters? What about the Iraqi prison pictures?

It's more important than ever that these corporations do all possible to keep the employees happy. It may not be easy but I think the first place to start is with your employees. Happy employees = happy customers = more sales.

As influx points out, internal branding is a cost effective way to lift your company's image.

Has anyone tried Googling for rants about Walmart?

What other companies do you think are in the same boat? Think software...airlines.

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