Monday, January 31, 2005

fresh ideas from the outside?

a while back i mentioned how a few firms were involving their customers, in some form or other, in the development of new products, marketing, etc.

here's another blip on the topic thanks to our friends at influx.

it's more proof that the consumer is very well informed and that we need to tap into their heads for new and innovative ideas.

open source innovation

Saturday, January 29, 2005

world album

check out this amazing 3d world album. the navigation is similiar to visual thesaurus but with photos from around the world instead words.

via josh rubin cool hunting

Friday, January 28, 2005

ipod phenomenon

apple has become a lifestyle brand thanks to the ipod. in my opinion, the ipod has created a new lifestyle. the one where the ipod becomes an extension of one's self. the white earbuds, the slick design, the nods from other ipod buy it all when you enter the ipod lifestyle. apple has worked it's magic with the ipod because it sells a part of their culture, not just an mp3 player. apple fanatics have always had that bit of apple culture but now they are able to take it with them as a tangible object. i mean, how many people do you see with a powerbook g4 in their pocket?

professor ipod goes into in more detail with a study he is conducting

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

is your brand a lifestyle brand?

as consumers become more savvy, they tend to shun the marketers that shove advertising and products down their throats. marketers must identify what their customers really need and what the brand means to them, and then apply this insight in a manner in which they can evolve into becoming an integral part of the customers' lifestyle.

think about it. when you become a lifestyle brand, your customer doesn't even have to choose between you and the competitor because you have become so intertwined in their way of become their only choice. it's well beyond being top of mind.

an example is the ipod. ipod fanantics wouldn't even consider another mp3 player. it's not the mp3 player that apple is selling, it's a lifestyle...a pass to the in crowd...the nods you get from other ipod's part of the purchase.

check out this article on the topic

design for living

many people out there don't understand the way good design can change your experience with a product. it can be a product as mundane as a coffee spoon or a toothbrush, but if it's designed to be different, to look and work just a bit better, it can make a world of difference. it allows your customer to be proud of what they buy. for example, i constantly leave out my bodum cream and sugar set because it looks so good. it makes me feel better that i own aesthetically pleasing products. i buy products based on design and function...

target just came out with a great commercial that embodies design for living. it's such a great commercial because it shows the happiness that comes with good design.

target commercial