Wednesday, January 26, 2005

is your brand a lifestyle brand?

as consumers become more savvy, they tend to shun the marketers that shove advertising and products down their throats. marketers must identify what their customers really need and what the brand means to them, and then apply this insight in a manner in which they can evolve into becoming an integral part of the customers' lifestyle.

think about it. when you become a lifestyle brand, your customer doesn't even have to choose between you and the competitor because you have become so intertwined in their way of become their only choice. it's well beyond being top of mind.

an example is the ipod. ipod fanantics wouldn't even consider another mp3 player. it's not the mp3 player that apple is selling, it's a lifestyle...a pass to the in crowd...the nods you get from other ipod's part of the purchase.

check out this article on the topic

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