Friday, July 09, 2004

I can't stress this enough. Happy employees = Happy customers = More sales

Here is perfect example of how Audi embraced the "happy employee" concept and took it a step further by aligning employee values with corporate culture.

The phenomenon called Craiglist does it again.

With one post, the team at Craiglist was able to assemble 8 film crews to capture a day in the life documentary.

Craiglist: The Movie is the name of the documentary.

Read the Wired article here.

Just goes to prove that large corporations need to be even more responsible.

Large corporations and institutions (ie, governments) are constantly being scrutinized. Nothing they do will ever get passed the media watchdogs or employees. Technology has empowered employees in a way never seen before. Employees of any rank can now keep their employers in check. Remember when the Microsoft employee photographed the G5's being unloaded at Microsoft's headquarters? What about the Iraqi prison pictures?

It's more important than ever that these corporations do all possible to keep the employees happy. It may not be easy but I think the first place to start is with your employees. Happy employees = happy customers = more sales.

As influx points out, internal branding is a cost effective way to lift your company's image.

Has anyone tried Googling for rants about Walmart?

What other companies do you think are in the same boat? Think software...airlines.

Winners of the 2004 Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA)

You can view all 130 winners here.

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Monday, July 05, 2004

No Frills Chic.....

Very interesting and insightful article from Trendwatching. I think this is sort of a spin off of the "pink slip" exclusivity of the dotcom bust where it was cool to be misfortunes. In this case, it's cool to frugal and smart. It is better to be smart than trying to prove to everyone that you're smart. Unfortunately, pretty soon we'll be in the same overconsumption phase of the 80's.


Why is "consumer insight" the current buzzword?

While chatting with a friend during a pool party on July 4th, the topic of the consumer insight came up. He was raving how his small firm, 7 eleven, was embracing this concept. Apparently they are going through hundreds of focus groups in order to find the all mighty hidden consumer insight. We'll see how long this buzz lasts.

Much more on this topic here.