Wednesday, August 03, 2005

current tv

al gore helped found current tv . here's a small excerpt from the about section.

"Its reach and influence are unparalleled. It makes or breaks products and politicians alike, paints our picture of the world, and glues our culture together. And yet, who controls it?

Now, you do.

This is our outpost in a locked-down television landscape. Here, the channel goes two ways. Here, you are viewer and producer. Welcome to Current."

here we go again with consumer created content. as technology continues to empower consumers, we will see an explosion of this content. i'd like to see the day when the mini coopers or jetblues of our world allow the consumer to create all of their communications.....i wonder what it will look like. with some guidance and a loose reign, i think it can transform them into the "people's company"

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