Thursday, August 18, 2005

reaching bilingual english domiant hispanics

hispanic business published an article on how to reach the bilingual english dominant hispanic. i don't disagree that you can't reach them effectively using spanish media, but they aren't considering other factors besides english dominance.

the factor i'm talking about is content caliber. it's difficult to imagine educated hispanics heavily watching univision, telemundo, etc save for a few telenovelas or programs. what matters to this segment is quality of content. language is not the primary driver when choosing a tv media's content. in all seriousness, would you watch reality shows all day just because they're in english? didn't think so.

so what does this mean? it means that you first have to clearly identify your consumer's lifestyle, education, media habits, etc and then make a media decision. for certain brands, you will have much more success creating an impact on educated hispanics through english networks (fx, nbc, etc) using spanish communications or on discovery en español, cnn español, etc.

now regarding univision, telemundo, telefutura, they have their virtues in reaching mass audiences, and again depending on brand, they can be viable vehicles for the spanish dominant hispanics.

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