Monday, August 01, 2005

planning for design session by futurebrand at aaaa

oh my we go again....futurebrand selling their services instead of relaying valuable info. but they did say they aren't here to sell. talking about how design has become mainstream.....but why? explain to us please.

self ornamentaion: a trend among men. basically the idea that guys wear jewelry.

more selling pitch.....going over the ups case study....i heard this once at the dinosaur agency called tm, formely temerlin mcclain.

i really wish he would go into the "how" instead of "what" they've done. i guess i need to ask.

this session was a mess....the presenters had no idea wtf they were talking about when the ipod came up let alone what was apple's brand them it was all about design. design is just on offshoot of it's overall positiongin of being different....more on this later.

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