Monday, August 01, 2005

ten insights for being a holistic navigator by publicis and saatchi

the brand idea leads. it's holistic. zzz

when ideas come from different silos, there needs to be a way to funnel them.

brought up a good point on how much of the idea should the brief incorporate

overalll brand equity >> overall communications idea >> initiative communications idea << initiative strategy (product/commercial). you know this leads to thinking about how you communiocate the thinking behind the idea to the client...epsecially since we deal with the hispanic community. how do you instill hundreds of years of culture and the thinking behind the idea in one hour.

it's not about media's media amplification. the idea should dictate the form of delivery depending on the brand and how the cosumer ingests different media.

note: truly understand what the business problem is and what exactly you have to solve.

and again we are touching on consumer created content.....god damn this is what we need to be thinking of. a two way dialogue with our consmer. perfect example

who is the target? i think you should focus on the sweet spot group. connect to the core (very small target) consumer to make a statemnt about your brand. it doesn't alineate just differentiates the brand. "when you are everything to everyone you are nothing to everyone"

talked about the myths about holistic planning;

1- holisitc communications = no tv
2- he who has the most touchpoints wins
3- the touchpoint determines the message
4- holistic = the new creativity

brands are fractal. once a brand idea is identified, you can see and feel it regadsless of the touchpoint.

idea: infuse the consumer experience into the communication. tell a story using different touchpoints so thet consumers see it evolve.

the idea can't be measured. it's intuition driven but it is fundementally based on knowing the problem, the target, the business cycle.....

Ten Insights for Being A Holistic Navigator by
Marta LaRock, Publicis
Madeleine Miller, Saatchi & Saatchi


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